Bonfiglioli presents S2U frequency inverter with higher protection rating and performance

Bonfiglioli's well-proven S2U inverters are now also available at higher power and with an IP66 protection rating.

The compact S2U IP66 Plug & Play inverter for single-phased 230-volt networks and three-phased 400-volt networks comes in three sizes with motor power ranging from 0.4 kW to 18.5 kW. The new S2U IP66 inverter series is particularly suited to harsh environment applications. The heat sink is specially designed for extreme environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, and cleaning chemicals. The inverter's special features include a 32-bit processor with advanced IGBT power switching. Built-in PID controller and PLC functions regulate frequency, pressure, and air volume, for instance for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning applications. The built-in EMC filter in compliance with IEC/EN61800-3 ensures very low electromagnetic interference, enabling safe usage. Additional features of the new S2U IP66 inverter series include slip and torque compensation, an emergency stop function, a carrier frequency of 1-16kHz which automatically changes according to the temperature function, and an integrated braking chopper as well as a special fire mode function for fan applications. The keypad on the front panel of the inverter facilitates set-up and operation for the user.

Thanks to an integrated logic function such as mathematical operators and LADDER programming language, which is compatible with IEC61131, the S2U IP66 inverters can be individually adapted without the need for a PLC. Moreover, the S2U IP66 inverter can easily be integrated everywhere due to its built-in Modbus port and the wide range of communication protocols available (Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherCAT, TCP/IP). All three sizes have a RJ45 port for connection to a PC, as well as easily accessible terminals on the front for fast and straightforward power and signal cable connections. The temperature-optimized design also promises low-maintenance and a long lifespan. By combining robustness and intelligence, the S2U IP66 series are adapted to a wide range of applications such as pumps, fans, smart conveyors, textile, material handlings, wood processing and food & beverage.

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