Vice Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini and Mayor Karol Janas visit Bonfiglioli plant in Slovakia

Vice Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Peter Pellegrini and Mayor of the city of Povazska Bystrica, Karol Janas visited the Bonfiglioli plant welcomed by the Global Manufacturing Director for Industrial industries Massimo Birolo, the Plant Manager Dusan Randa and the Plant Human Resources Manager Gabriela Grebacova.

Bonfiglioli employees and managers had the pleasure to meet the Vice Minister and the Mayor, who visited the plant and had the opportunity to discover all the investments and efforts made by the company over the years in Slovakia.

The enlargement of the plant, a work in progress, shows the company's will to transform the plant into a center of expertise for the manufacturing of Heavy-duty products. High- value skills combined with the right technology will give Bonfiglioli the necessary strength to satisfy its customers all over the world.

Today, the plant brings together more than 11,000 m2 of manufacturing space and 60,000 sq. meters of land, combining the assembly of 4 product lines (S300, VF, ACFS, HD), and employs 250 people. The enlargement of the plant includes an additional 8,000 sq. meters of production area and insource machining of solid and splined shafts (including IH), helical gears and HD pinion shafts to increase added value, quality and flexibility. Moreover, the production system, including internal logistics and assembly lines, will be re-engineered according to the world class manufacturing standards.

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