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The BMC 440 controller combines high performance with a compact design. It represents the optimal solution for complex, multi-axis applications characterized by strong necessity of control. BMC 440 allows access to Motion features in combination with the ANG (Active Next Generation) servodrives and it is ideal for performing complex movements with accurate synchronization. Its OPC-UA and MQTT functionality ensure local and remote connectivity with full responsiveness to the needs of digital integration for smart manufacturing, including cloud based ones.


  • Motion control functionalities

    •Cartesian 2D
    •Cartesian 3D
    •Electrical gearbox
    •Cam disk
  • Hardware features

    •Up to 256 local I/Os
    (allows for expansion to > 65,000 I/Os)
    • 32 MB STX program/data memory
    • 480,000 bytes of non-volatile memory
    • 2x Ethernet port with 1x integrated switch
    • 1x EtherCAT®
    • 2x CANopen®
    • 1 serial interface
    • 1x USB 2.0 (for storage media)
    • Rated input voltage: DC 24 V (-15 ... + 20%)
    • Input current: 2,3 A @ DC 24 V
    •Dimensions (H x D x W): approx. 131 x 100 x 75 mm
    • Degree of protection: IP20
    •Operating temperature: 0 ° C… +50 ° C
    •Storage temperature: -40 ° C… +70 ° C
    • Air humidity: 5 ... 95%, non-condensing
  • Software

    • BMOTION - The development environment
    BMotion is the programming environment of the Bonfiglioli Motion Control platform and includes all the functionalities necessary to realize the entire development cycle of the application: from the programming of the motion controller through STX language to the commissioning of the machine.
    The multiple ready-to-use software libraries significantly reduce development and testing times.

    • BVIEW - The design tool
    BView is the design tool for state-of-the-art, professional HMI process visualization. The intuitive interface and its object-oriented approach actively support the user in a simple and efficient implementation of even extensive visualizations.

    • STX - The programming language
    STX is a language whose syntax is based on IEC 61131-3 ST. Due to numerous enhancements, it meets all the requirements of modern programming in the automation environment. STX is characterized by two key features in program creation:
    • The process-oriented approach makes direct mapping of real plant processes possible
    • The object-oriented approach greatly reduces development and testing time

Key features

Supports up to 12 axes

Cloud communication

Client MQTT

Server OPCUA

FTP client

Server web

SMTP client



Ready-to-use libraries

API functionalities for communication



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Product Range Catalogue- Mechatronic Drives & Solutions

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