Bonfiglioli Research & Development

Research & Development

R&D is Bonfiglioli’s driving force. 

Our in-house R&D team develops breakthrough, mechanically and electrically integrated technologies that change the way companies do business. Every day, Bonfiglioli strives to exceed conventional limits and to deliver reliable, efficient solutions capable of supporting our customers’ growth. Our various centers of excellence are preparing for the next 60 years by focusing on the short-term development of existing products and on long-term innovation.

Over 150 mechanical and electrical engineers work alongside customers to co-engineer products that help prevent downtime, increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption with a view to growing their business. Collaboration with universities and research centers around the world gives us the opportunity to work with brilliant young minds on new approaches to product development and improvement.

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Bonfiglioli’s commitment to innovation has led the company to create a research center in Rovereto, BMR (Bonfiglioli Mechatronics Research), dedicated to the development of integrated mechatronic solutions for industry. 

In Krefeld, Germany, Bonfiglioli Vectron focuses on power and control electronics and the development of high efficiency products for energy conversion in the industrial sector. With over 25 years of experience, Bonfiglioli Vectron employs a team of over 60 specialist technicians and engineers to develop highly reliable and efficient solutions for frequency converters systems. 

Our two centers of excellence, in Bologna and Forlì, have different but complementary technical and design skills, allowing Bonfiglioli to offer innovative, high-tech solutions in order to always anticipate its customer’s needs.