Bonfiglioli Inaugurates Newly Redeveloped Rotunda in Forli, Italy
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Bonfiglioli Inaugurates Newly Redeveloped Rotunda in Forli, Italy

On September 10, 2016, a newly renovated rotunda was inaugurated in front of the Bonfiglioli factory in Forlì, Italy, (on Via Enrico Mattei). Bonfiglioli made the proposal to the town of Forli as a project to represent the strong link between Bonfiglioli and the Forli area.

The roundabout, which has an area of over 5,000 square metres and a diameter of over 82 metres, was adopted by Bonfiglioli, which will provide lawn care and lighting for 10 years. The end result, born of a complex project made possible in collaboration with the Studio Rivizzigno, took over a year of work. The rotunda includes an impressive steel sculpture with the mythological Icarus at the top, as well as plants of various species and a sophisticated lighting system that, in the evening hours, will make the rotunda a true landmark of the city streets.

To create the sculpture, Bonfiglioli asked high school art and music students of Forlì in classes 3°, 4° and 5°, to explore their creativity to create a work that well represents the strong bond between Bonfiglioli and the territory. About twenty proposals were received. The chosen sculpture is formed by 41 steel piles that grow up to 5 metres high. At the top is Icarus, the vocation of the city of Forli, who is placed inside a cogwheel, an emblem of Bonfiglioli's work int eh gearbox industry. The two symbols fused together represent a company that grows in the territory in a continuous exchange of positive osmosis, promoting socio-economic development.

The material execution of the work has been commissioned from Officine Verlicchi, a company based in Alfonsine (RA), who welcomed right away with great enthusiasm this important challenge, involving students in the main phases of the material used for the artifact.

Mayor Davide Drei, present at the opening, showed that "I thank the Bonfiglioli group, an international undertaking, bearing the name of Forlì in the world, for all they have done and will continue to do to be a great benefit of the Forlì territory." Sonia Bonfiglioli, President of Bonfiglioli Group, stressed the importance of the reality of Forlì across the entire Bonfiglioli Group, remembering how it was a showpiece for her father, Clementino, and the company's growth. It was Clementino Bonfiglioli who saw the materialization of an intuition of many years ago when he chose to engage in the Forlì territory.

Fausto Carboni, CEO Business of Bonfiglioli Group, declared that "The growth of this company shows how competence and professionalism of workers in Forlì, together with entrepreneurial vision and the international vocation of Bonfiglioli, can create long-term well-being and stability in this area."

At the end of the ceremony, which was attended by about 1,000 people, including Bonfiglioli employees and their families, Icarus was toasted in a big party in true "romagnolo" style, to seal the clear and precise willingness to maintain a strong local identity.