Important visit of the official delegation from Vietnam’s Binh Duong province to Bonfiglioli
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Important visit of the official delegation from Vietnam’s Binh Duong province to Bonfiglioli

The “Destination Vietnam” project is the direct result of agreements of understanding signed between the Emilia-Romagna Regional Council, the Emilia Romagna section of Unioncamere and the Vietnamese province of Binh Duong. The province is to build an industrial park covering 300 hectares of land especially for companies from Emilia-Romagna wishing to open in Vietnam. The project was announced by Tran Van Nam, president of the People’s Committee for the Province of Binh Duong. 

"We have come to Emilia-Romagna not only for the friendship that binds us to the region but also to make progress on an action plan that is part of the programme we launched last year”, Tran Van Nam explains.“Our province has been striving form a number of years not only to promote internal industrial development but also to become more attractive to foreign investment. We are totally committed to this objective and offer significant facilitations to foreign businesses. We would love to see Emilia-Romagna becoming our main partner.” 

The first stop of the Vietnamese delegation's tour of businesses in Emilia-Romagna was to the Bonfiglioli plant in Calderara where gears and made and gearboxes are assembled on 7 May 2015.  “We chose Vietnam because the country is politically stable and very open to foreign investments. Labour costs are competitive and stable, and there is no shortage of qualified workers. The country's central position in the fundamental Asian market must also not be underestimated”, declared Manfredi Ucelli di Nemi, General Manager of PTS in a meeting with the authorities ahead of the visit. 

The Vietnamese delegation consist of a number of authorities, including Nguyen Van Hung, president of the Becamex IDC Group, Mai Hung Dung, director of the local Department for Investment, Nguyen Thanh Toan, representing the Department of Foreign Affairs, and Nguyen Phu Thinh, director of the Industrial Park JV group.