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Intervista a Enrico Andrini, Direttore IT Bonfiglioli

Il mercato è sempre più pronto ad accogliere i progressi tecnologici di cui Bonfiglioli si fa promotore: in questa intervista il nostro Direttore IT, Enrico Andrini, ...

Bonfiglioli Solutions for Agricultural Machinery

With more than 40 years of experience alongside the major agricultural machinery manufacturers, and a broad range of reliable, efficient and innovative ...

Bonfiglioli Packaging Solutions

The Bonfiglioli Graduate Program through our talents' words

Solutions for Wood

Solutions for packaging

Thousands of different types of packaging are used throughout industry and packaging machines vary dramatically in type and functionality. Performance ...

Solutions for Industrial applications

Every year, Bonfiglioli manufactures over 1.5 million products offering its customers full integrated solutions perfectly fitting with a wide range of applications for ...

Focus: Wind Solutions

A complete range of innovative solutions for mobile applications

For over 40 years, the Mobile sector has been one of the cornerstones on which the Bonfiglioli Group's growth and internationalisation has been founded.

Bonfiglioli Product - Servo Inverter ANG Serie

With the new servo inverter series ANG Active Next Generation, Bonfiglioli expands its Drive portfolio. This solutions has been designed for providing machine ...