Bonfiglioli commitment

A global commitment

Helping the weakest, offering young people professional opportunities, making a concrete improvement for their futures: this is the Bonfiglioli Group's ethical commitment

 - CheerFutureLand The Bonfiglioli Group is participating in a project set up in Arakkonam, India, with the aim of creating a village to house orphaned Indian children. To find out more about CheerFutureLand, visit the dedicated section on our website.

 - Student grants in collaboration with the Leonardo Committee and Assiot, our Group offers student grants and graduate prizes to support the education and research projects of deserving young people hoping to work in the industrial sector.

 - Hockey Team In Germany, the Bonfiglioli Group sponsored a German indoor hockey team. (Though a minority sport, hockey is rapidly growing in popularity.)
Both male and female athletes benefit from our support and encouragement. By backing young people in this sporting activity, characterised by "team work", Bonfiglioli hopes to pass on important values, including solidarity.

 - The Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation
The Warrington Foundation is a charity association that focuses on supporting young people who have problems with social integration, offering activities to promote growth and development.
Bonfiglioli is one of the patrons of this organisation. Working with the local community of Warrington, where Bonfiglioli’s UK subsidiary is located, the foundation encourages sport as a means to promote health and wellbeing, to guide young people towards constructive group activities and to support education and employment.

- Warrington University Technical College 

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are Government funded schools that offer 14–19 year olds a great deal more than traditional schools. They teach students technical and scientific subjects in a whole new way and are educating the inventors, engineers, scientists and technicians of tomorrow. Bonfiglioli UK is supporting the setting up of this new University Technical College that will be based in Warrington, close to our branch office location, to face the need of skilled and talented students.