Spiral freezer

Solution for Spiral freezer

The increasing global demand of high-quality food products boosted the evolution of deep-freeze food processing technology. The most advanced refrigerated food processing lines have become faster and more sophisticated, and are sometimes controlled by fully automated systems with nearly no human supervision in field This trend increased the need of specialized systems and components to grant reliability, efficiency, fast maintenance, flexibility, productivity - key requisites for today’s deep freezing technology.

With a dedicated offer of power transmissions solutions for the cold chain, Bonfiglioli is capable to grant reliability, fast and easy maintenance, low energy consumption, reduced heat dissipation in the low temperature environments and an unequalled flexibility to fulfill specific requirements of the most demanding customers.

In particular the shape of Bonfiglioli planetary gearboxes fits perfectly in the design of typical single or double spiral freezers. These planetary gearboxes and gearmotors for spiral freezers boast an extremely favourable torque/ size ratio, behave perfectly at very low speeds and incorporate a variety of solutions to prevent oil leakage and water ingress, occurrences that can dramatically reduce drive train lifetimes.