Bonfiglioli maintains a worldwide presence through an extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors.

Directly owned commercial subsidiaries, logistic and distribution centres are located in 16 countries.
This vast and strategically distributed network has been developed to be close to customers and to serve them more rapidly and efficiently.

Bonfiglioli guarantees efficient and rapid pre-sales and after-sales service thanks to the presence of dedicated organisations with the experience and professionalism needed to deliver focused and speedy responses.
Our complete range of pre-sales and after-sales services enable customers to benefit from truly all-round support.

Bonfiglioli is committed to maintaining its position of leadership by internationalising in a way that ensures the same high standards in product quality, design capability and customer service in every single plant and office within the organisation.
This essential objective is achieved through sales organisations that are perfectly integrated in the market and culture of the area they serve.