Bonfiglioli BEST

Bonfiglioli’s BEST (Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team) programme has built up the most modern sales organisation in the field of power transmission.
BEST uses the services of Bonfiglioli’s preferred business partners.

The business partners who join the BEST programme conform to strictly enforced service levels, and are provided with all the tools they need for the autonomous development of their markets and for the distribution of Bonfiglioli products and services according to a shared and agreed strategy.

For the first time ever, manufacturer and distributors are working together at the product assembly stage and in the design of new applications, in a sharing process that sees one party transferring know-how and technology and the other partly providing a thorough knowledge of the local market.

Distributors admitted to the scheme are granted the right to use the BONFIGLIOLI BEST name and are given all the support they need to develop their businesses.