Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Bonfiglioli has been investing for years in R&D in order to develop dedicated and optimised solutions capable of satisfying the needs of the mining and extraction industry.

The massive machines needed to move and process extracted materials often pose complex challenges: plant has to operate around the clock; service levels are very high and demanding; preventive maintenance has to be extremely rapid to minimise down-times; and more besides.

Bonfiglioli responds to the challenges of this sector by offering products and solutions characterised by very high transmissible torque and standards of robustness and strength well above those required for other areas of industry.

These solutions are perfectly able to guarantee lasting efficiency in the movement and processing of heavy and bulky loads, along with maximum reliability, compact dimensions, extensive customisation options and dedicated accessories for specific mining operations.

Thanks to the excellent efficiency of the solutions it offers, Bonfiglioli can help eliminate even the shortest production cycle stoppages and fulfil the strict operational requirements of large mining plant.