BS - Single-phase motors

A range of motors dedicated to domestic and light workshop duty

BS - Single-phase motors, Asynchronous induction AC motors

Single-phase motors of the BS series are manufactured to the applicable IEC standards and are of the enclosed type, externally ventilated and with run capacitor permanently connected.
Motors are available in the B5 and B14 flange mountings, in the 4-pole execution. For applications requiring high starting torque the version with both the run and the starting capacitor can be specified.

Technical data

kW ratings
0,06 … 1,5 kW

Frame sizes
56A to 90L


Flange mounting IM B5 and IM B14

50 and 60 Hz

European Norms
2006/95/EC (LVD) and 2004/108/EC (EMC)

Cast Aluminium

Main options
Starting and run capacitors
Bimetal thermal protector
Balanced winding

BS 56A0.06
BS 56B0.09
BS 63A0.12
BS 63B0.18
BS 71A0.25
BS 71B0.37
BS 80A0.55
BS 80B0.75
BS 90S1.1
BS 90L1.5