HDPE - Extruder gearbox

The new benchmark in the parallel shaft category

HDPE - Extruder gearbox, Industry specific solutions

The HDPE Extruder gearbox series is the configuration specifically developed for single-screw extruder drive generated from the renown heavy duty series HDP, with which it shares most of the component parts and gearing.
Mounted forward to the sturdy nodular cast iron case, and housed into a robust extruder support, HDPE units feature a heavy duty spherical roller thrust bearing of series 294…E, exclusively sourced from primary brands.

Technical data

Transmissible Torque
4650  MN2  75000 Nm

Gear Ratios
7,1 iN  125.0 with progression  = 1,12


solid shaft, direct motor mounting, lantern housing with flexible coupling

Output shaft
Thrust bearing of various dimension and capacity and hollow shafts of various shapes and dimensions.
Standard shaft is keyed hollow to UNI 6604.
Mounting dimensions to customer specifications can be provided.

Cooling coil, autonomous cooling units, temperature and oil level sensors

TypeTorque Nm
HDPE 604650
HDPE 706350
HDPE 8011500
HDPE 9016550
HDPE 10024000
HDPE 11028700
HDPE 12035300
HDPE 13059300
HDPE 14075000