Road construction drives

Road construction drives

Bonfiglioli offers a range of complete solutions for power transmission and rotation applications on all types of road construction and maintenance machinery.

In particular, Bonfiglioli solutions cover the needs of tracked and wheeled asphalt millers, vibratory roller compactors, surfacing and finishing machines.

Road construction drives

Tracked and wheeled asphalt milling

Bonfiglioli’s compact solutions for milling up to 35 tons ensure superbly reliable and accurate travel control on machines that require up to 22,000 Nm of torque.
Bonfiglioli also offers milling head drive solutions for machines with rotor widths up to 2.5 m and milling speeds up to 6 m/sec.
These solutions deliver up to 45,000 Nm of torque.

Road construction drives

Surfacing and vibratory finishing machines

These drive systems have to be exceptionally reliable and robust to withstand the high overhung loads and long duty cycles involved.
Bonfiglioli offers tried and tested solutions for both track and wheel drive systems.
The solutions in this range deliver up to 80,000 Nm of torque and cover the needs of machines up to 35 tons. Bonfiglioli also offers a drive solution for asphalt mixers.

Road construction drives

Milling machines drum drives

Bonfiglioli solutions can be implemented in cold planers and milling machine from 15 to 35 tons, engine power from 200 to 460 kW, rotor width from 1.0 to 2.5 m and rotor tip speed from 4 to 6 m/s. The specifically planetary gearbox designed for the drum drives can deliver optimal performances, controllability and relaibility thanks to newsly developed features for the drum drives specifications.

Road construction drives

Pneumatic Tyred roller wheel drive

Bonfiglioli can deliver solutions for pneumatic tyred roller machines up to 28 tons thanks to the dedicated 600Y wheel drive specifically designed for these road construction machines. 600Y can deliver a torque up to 22,000 Nm with ratios up to 1:32.

Road construction drives

Vibratory roller compactors

For tandem and combination roller compactors up to 25 tons, Bonfiglioli offers solutions for travel drive, roller drive and rear wheel drive (where relevant).
This range of compact gearboxes can deliver up to 80,000 Nm of torque (roller and wheel drive) and withstand high overhung loads.