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Bonfiglioli's solutions for Industrial Automation Automated Car Parking System

Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd. (ARAPL) is a Pune based Indian company, leading in providing solutions in the automation world for more than a decade. They primarily serve the Automotive, Non-Automotive, General Industries & also the Government Sector. They have a wide spread customer base in India, China & other parts of Asia.

Bonfiglioli was able to convince ARAPL to consider a product that offers higher reliability, better product quality rather just evaluating the product over price parameters. The long term value delivered through zero needs for maintenance and repairs as well the reputation of Bonfiglioli translated into a significant competitive advantage for the ARAPL solution.

Today, ARAPL has discovered that using Bonfiglioli is a positive assurance to end-buyers and is becoming an advantage and reason to prefer their solution in an emerging but competitive market.

A Series Helical Bevel Gearmotors & Units

The A Series combines high efficiency and reliability, low maintenance costs and a wide torque range. The right-angle layout between INPUT and OUTPUT makes the A Series particularly compact. The gear set combination makes this right-angle product the most efficient and durable in Bonfiglioli's light- and medium-duty portfolio.


World-class product quality, reliability and on time delivery from Bonfiglioli.

Mrs.Nitasha Milind Padole
Director-Commercials & Business Development
Car Parking Division,
Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd.

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Affordable Robotic (ARAPL) needs presented Bonfiglioli with a unique challenge: How to reach budget objectives in a price-sensitive market where standardisation is nearly impossible. Without compromising on quality and the security of the parking system to be configured.
In our industry, there is no standardisation–we needed a technology partner who could help us develop customised products that are technically superior, reliable and cost effective. Bonfiglioli rose to the occasion–optimal gearbox solutions with reliability that we truly needed. The assurance of a world-class product became an advantage for us to talk about, when many of our competitors faced repetitive breakdowns. And the responsiveness and timely delivery every single time was a delight!

Highly reliable and customized drive solutions that ensure smooth functioning of automated car parking systems.

Bonfiglioli’s Sales and Customer Application Engineering (CAE) team collaborated with Affordable Robotic (ARAPL) to understand the application requirements and complexity of their car parking system equipment. With superior service assurance and best-in-class product quality developed with global expertise, Bonfiglioli’s A-Series In-line Helical Bevel Gearbox was chosen to ensure smooth functioning of the puzzle car parking system. Three important aspects gave the client, confidence to choose Bonfiglioli.

Responsiveness: Compared to the local manufacturers, the Bonfiglioli team demonstrated a superior response – prompt responses to customer calls and queries, quality discussions over meetings and providing competent technical support.

Total Reliability:  Total reliability of Bonfiglioli gearboxes assuring trouble-free operation with minimum service or repair request was important for the customer.

On Time Delivery: The on time delivery from Bonfiglioli significantly impacted the predictability of completion and delivery of the Customer project. This had an overall positive impact on the business.

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