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Bonfiglioli Packaging Solutions

Blister Packaging Machine

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Helios Concrew is a specialised manufacturer of Blister Packaging Machines, Strip Packaging Machines, De Blister Machines and Blister Machine change parts. Bonfiglioli collaborated with the Helios Concrew team to design a tailor-made solution for their Blister Packaging Machines. This solution helped double the existing productivity levels, improve operational accuracy by 35-40%, enhance overall efficiency by 25-30%, while reducing power consumption by 25-30%.
Bonfiglioli's tailor-made, high-efficiency drive solutions helped overcome loss in energy, precision and motion control caused by an open loop system.

LC and MP In-Line Precision Planetary Gearboxes & Gearmotors

LC precision planetary gearboxes represent a flexible solution and a valuable alternative with optimal performance and reliability levels. The output design in line with market standards ensures great compatibility for easy retrofits and a high level of freedom in project development.

The MP series is characterized by a wide range of torque, multiple sizes, great modularity due to multiple design configurations in addition to wide ratios range,
two backlash classes and different optimized lubrications. It ensures high reliability and the most fitting response to different applications requirements.

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Solutions for high-precision, superior efficiency and enhanced productivity

Mr.Chirag Patel
Managing Director, Helios Concrew Pvt. Ltd.

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In order to increase its appeal in the global market and standout from local competitors, Helios Concrew has been persistently exploring options to improve their existing machine design in terms of performance and productivity. The overall efficiency and output of their machines was hampered due to inefficient design that used induction motors supplied by local manufacturers. The open loop system with continuous flow resulted in high inertia that in turn resulted in loss of energy, precision and motion control.
When it comes to product quality and efficiency, Bonfiglioli meets every expectation. We are also very happy with their team, and the way they helped us double the production capacity of our packaging machines. Today, our company doesn't just stand out from local competitors, we are well sought after globally too.

Compact, efficient and high-performance solutions for Blister Packaging Machines

Bonfiglioli R&D and Customer Application Engineering (CAE) teams worked with the engineering team at Helios and designed a customised solution for Helios Concrew’s Blister Packaging Machines offering its Precision Planetary Gearbox that worked efficiently with the Servomotor, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Human Machine Interface (HMI), and sensors provided by the system integrator. This unique, compact design ensures easy mounting, noise-free operations and offers high adaptability specific to the customer’s machines. Bonfiglioli’s solution meets the most stringent demands for precision, dynamics and speed settings with compact dimensions and low inertia. The machines were able to scale up from 1440 RPM to 3000-4000 RPM resulting in high productivity. With all components working together seamlessly, it resulted in an increase in productivity by more than 100%, enhanced efficiency by 25-30% and accuracy by 35-40% while reducing power consumption by 25-30%.

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Product Range Catalogue- Mechatronic Drives & Solutions

Product Range Catalogue- Mechatronic Drives & Solutions

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