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Bonfiglioli's Solutions For Plastic Manufacturing Processes

Extruder Machine

For Rajoo, Research and Development plays a crucial role in the innovation proces  to soar ahead of competition. Now a days customer's expectation is increasing, with their demand for more sophisticated lines with closer controls, faster line speed and lower energy consumption which has resulted us in advancing technology and transforming into new products, processes, and services. 

Bonfiglioli started manufacturing technologically superior extruder gearboxes right here in India, that are specifically customized for the extrusion process. Its high load bearing capacity ensures high operational efficiency which results into cost saving & optimum operational value.

HDPE Helical Parallel Shaft Heavy Duty Gear Units

This product is dedicated to the extruder market and provides high customisation of output and gear ratio combinations to fulfil our customers' needs. This gear unit provides a robust nodular cast iron gear case suitable for high loads and specific heavy duty thrust bearing sourced exclusively from primary brands. This solution also allows easy machine integration thanks to a universal mounting gearbox case (customized screw interface can be provided too) and can come with an auxiliary thermal aid device (cooling coil, oil to water heat exchanger), and oil temperature and level sensors to easily monitor its functioning.

Customization that optimizes operational value

J. A. Raval
General Manager-Materials, Rajoo Engineers Ltd.

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For their extrusion process equipment, Rajoo Engineers was dependant on a local gearbox manufacturer. However, they were aware of Bonfiglioli’s global expertise, superior engineering capability and reliable solutions for other processes such as post-extrusion, moulding and finishing in plastic industry. They were importing Bonfiglioli gearboxes for specific equipment in plastic manufacturing due to its flexibility and cost-efficiency. In order to avail global quality right here in India, Rajoo Engineers encouraged Bonfiglioli to start manufacturing extruder gearboxes. Bonfiglioli had to ensure they exceeded the technical criteria and performance benchmarks set by the competitors for the extrusion process in plastic manufacturing.
Since 30 years, we have been using different supplies from Bonfiglioli which includes worm gearboxes, geared motors & double reduction worm gearboxes. In honor of such a long association, Bonfiglioli comes with the customized solution using HDPE series gear box, developed for series gear box for plastics extrusion process. We, the team Rajoo acknowledge the efforts & service support put in by Bonfiglioli team to resolve the customer's supplies, we anticipate same support in future.

Customizable solutions to increase extruder machine performance and cost-efficiency

Bonfiglioli worked closely with the customer to understand their technical specifications and performance parameters. The R&D and Customer Application Engineering team analysed the requirements of the customer along with the opportunities to enhance operational efficiency. Bonfiglioli team developed the HDPE Series extruder gearbox with special spherical roller thrust bearings. The design incorporated use of an input adapter which permitted direct coupling of the Electric Motor of 50 Hp. With this customization the customer was able to increase operational efficiency and overall cost savings.

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