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Bonfiglioli's Solutions For Recycling Processes

Solid Food Waste Recycling Machine

Sree Ram Eco Systems is a Chennai based manufacturer of organic waste processing machines and composting machines. Started in 2008, the company began manufacturing food waste composting machines with a capacity of 15 Kg to 1250 Kg and multiple units thereof.
Bonfiglioli worked closely with the customer to understand their operational challenges and devised a technically superior solution that resulted in an increase in efficiency and cost savings.

300 Series Industrial Planetary Gearmotors & Units

The 300 series is compact and powerful. Their planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all severe duty applications where shock loads and impacts are common. The product configuration is highly versatile, due to several options for mounting, gear layout, output shaft and motor interface. All the features are available for each of the 20 finely spaced frame sizes, with a torque range of 1,000 to 1,100,00 Nm.


Compact, efficient and low-maintenance solutions

R Vijeyaraghavan
Managing Director, M/s. Sree Ram Eco Systems

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In order to avoid direct load for further reduction in ratio and to avoid large gearboxes, Sree Ram Eco Systems were using additional ‘chain and sprocket’ components to couple the gearbox to the machine shaft of the Organic Waste Converter. However, this led to an overall reduction in speed and performance of the equipment. The ‘chain and sprocket’ mechanism increases the need for skilled manpower for maintenance and greasing to ensure smooth-functioning of the equipment. It also results in higher friction and noise levels. Due to the additional component, alignment is a major issue while mounting, and it increases the overall weight of the machine.
The reason for choosing Bonfiglioli is their capability in meeting our requirement. When we had diversified into manufacturing of organic waste converters, their team visited our plant and delivered a most suitable solution for this particular application which subsequently became the advantage for our customers in terms of availability of spares and service support whenever needed. Their association adds value to the products.

High-performance, fit and forget solutions that ensure smooth-functioning

Bonfiglioli Customer Application Engineering (CAE) and R&D team conducted detailed technical assessment of the equipment to identify areas of operational inefficiencies. The team closely worked with the customer to devise a solution with its 300 Series In-Line Foot Mounted Planetary Geared Motor for the solid food waste recycling machine. In the 300 Series gearbox, the output can be coupled directly with the machine shaft. So, there is no need for alignment during mounting and it results in reduction in friction, vibration and noise-levels. The fit and forget gearbox ensures there are no ongoing maintenance requirements. Also, its compact and light weight structure reduces the machine weight and thus increases operational efficiency and performance. With this unique gearbox, it is now possible to achieve the desired low RPM with the compact and light-weight planetary range, thus replacing the heavy In-Line gearboxes for solid food waste recycling equipment.

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Solutions for Recycling catalogue - Recycling

Solutions for Recycling catalogue - Recycling

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