DBDS Robotics Success story
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Bonfiglioli Pharma Solutions

Hard Capsule Machine

Bonfiglioli worked closely with DBDS Robotics, an Indian pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing company, to develop a LC Precision Planetary Gearbox with customizations specific to their equipment, a Hard Capsule machine. This resulted in 130% increase in production capacity and reduced electricity consumption by 25%. Moreover, accuracy of all mechanisms connected to the LC Precision Planetary Gearbox went up by 20%. DBDS Robotics was able to extend their products and services to global customers by switching to Bonfiglioli’s gearboxes. It made it easier for the company to find replacements and services in different parts of the world, enabled by Bonfiglioli’s global presence.

This led to superior machine performance, resulting in a 130% increase in production capacity, a 25% reduction in electricity consumption and a 20% increase in the accuracy. 

LC Precision Planetary Gearboxes & Gearmotors

LC precision planetary gearboxes represent a flexible solution and valuable alternative with optimal performance and reliability levels. The output design in line with market standards ensures great compatibility for easy retrofits and a high level of freedom in project development. Also, they are cost efficient and compact in size, making it possible to conduct manual set-ups once fitted in the equipment. 

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Highly efficient & low-maintenance drive solutions

In 2013, DBDS Robotics started manufacturing two-piece hard capsule machines with the same gearbox technology that they were using for more than two decades. When Bonfiglioli team reached out to the customer, they were using gearboxes manufactured by a competitor brand, wherein, maintenance was a constant issue, that resulted in sub-optimal production. Here, Bonfiglioli team not only devised a superior drive solution to overcome maintenance issues, but also enhanced the equipment’s production capacity to make it globally competitive, as the machines were being exported.

Mr. Goldie Anand
Chief Executive Officer, DBDS Robotics

“With a 6x increase in efficiency and 130% increase in production capacity, we are now able to compete with global pharma (hard capsule) equipment manufacturers. We would like to acknowledge Bonfiglioli India team’s contribution towards this achievement, with their high quality products and superior engineering.”

Customized drive solution that increased the capacity of the hard capsule machine

Bonfiglioli team closely worked with DBDS Robotics to ensure that the gearboxes were customized specifically for their machines. To make the machine mechanically robust, customised dimensional adaptors were designed so as to sustain the overhung load of the motor. This customization proved to be crucial in smooth running of operations, without any breaks.

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Product Range Catalogue- Mechatronic Drives & Solutions

Product Range Catalogue- Mechatronic Drives & Solutions
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