Community and local area 

When we refer to our “Community”, we’re talking about the valuable relationships that we have built up over time with our network of stakeholders. Not just our customers, for whom we are always striving to make smart business choices and continuously improve the quality of our services, but also the local communities living in the areas in which we operate, whose growth and development we are deeply committed to.

Regular customer satisfaction analyses
65 BEST distributors
3 pillars young people, school, culture
€0.8 million worth of resources donated to the community
*data as of 31/12/2023

Bonfiglioli: for our customers

Customer Intimacy

Continuous dialogue is the lifeline that keeps our community afloat day after day. By actively listening to our customers, we are able to understand their individual needs and improve our relationships, offering increasingly personalized solutions. We regularly involve our customers in surveys, which provide us with valuable feedback that we can use to measure their satisfaction. Based on our Net Promoter Score, we can then define improvement plans where necessary, with the aim of constantly enhancing the way in which we meet our customers’ needs.

Product quality

To satisfy the needs of each and every one of our customers, we only offer products that meet stringent safety and quality standards: through the extended Bonfiglioli Quality Management System, we are able to ensure the safety of individual parts and complete solutions. We also guarantee the reliability of all our products through rigorous stress tests. From design all the way through to sales, our solutions are created in compliance with all applicable safety standards and regulations.

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Guaranteed, certified distributors

Bonfiglioli has over 550 distribution partners in 80 countries, 65 of which are BEST-qualified (Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team). Our BEST distributors have been awarded the highest level of qualification, offering the extensive range of technical skills and products required to assemble Bonfiglioli’s solutions.

Since 2019, BEST distributors have also been able to obtain an additional certification awarded by TÜV: this recognition ensures even higher guarantees in terms of quality, ethics and sustainability, in line with the stringent standards expected at Bonfiglioli. With a certified BEST distributor, our customers can feel even more confident and have even greater peace of mind.

Customer Portal

Bonfiglioli created its Customer Portal with a view to providing customers with several services via one single channel. Customers can manage and track orders, consult product documentation, and access live assistance tools for help with general questions or after-sales support. The aim is to deliver a high-quality, comprehensive support service via an instant, easy-to-use direct channel.


We are acutely aware that data protection is the key to building and maintaining customer trust. Our IT & Digital department is constantly striving to reinforce the defensive barriers protecting our company systems, networks and programs. We utilize advanced cybersecurity techniques and conduct regular tests to evaluate and improve the resistance of our systems to cyber risks, the aim being to prevent any breaches and ensure that all information relating to our customers, employees and projects is protected and confidential.

Bonfiglioli: for the community

Our commitment to people goes beyond the walls of our company and extends to the local communities in which we operate.

Social responsibility is something that’s especially close to our heart, and every year we invest significant resources into improving the environment and well-being of the people around us.

We support initiatives and projects all over the world, linked by three key pillars: young people, development in the local area and STEM disciplines.

Our projects: adding value to the community

Our projects have a tangible value for the communities in which we operate. Every one of our initiatives aims to generate new social and economic value, helping to improve people’s quality of life. Discover more on these initiatives below.