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Bonfiglioli B solution

A close partnership in the glass working sector

B solution is an Italian company with 30 year of experience in the glass industry, providing the most demanding customers with flexible and reliable solutions covering a wide range of phases in the glass productions cycle.

In its collaboration with B solution Bonfiglioli offered its extensive expertise as one-stop shop for mechatronic applications, developing dedicated motion control systems covering the entire motion drive train, from the gearbox to the motion controller.

The success in the relationship with B solution is based on a close and active partnership, with co-engineering as the main approach followed for the development of solutions tailored on the customer’s requests.


B solution was looking for a reliable and expert partner for the improvement of the quality, productivity and efficiency of their glass processing machines.

In particular, their aim was:

  • Finding not only a unique supplier, but a partner able to respond to their specific needs with targeted and tailored solutions through a close cooperation and communication
  • Relying on a fully integrated product portfolio, able to ensure the highest efficiency and control of the movement
  • Develop innovative solutions to respond to their end-users’ requirements


The project focused on two types of machine in B solution’s offering, able to perform both the processes of seaming and rough grinding. Thanks to the technological partnership with Bonfiglioli, improved and innovative functionalities were added to the machines with the aim of increasing quality, productivity and efficiency of the production cycle, such as:

  • Faster commissioning thanks to a simplification and better organization of the parameters
  • A user-friendly and intuitive HMI, allowing simplified daily activities and configuration at the operator’s side
  • Use of ISO code for a direct connection with the design language and immediate translation into precise machine’s movement, allowing the easy production of the desired shape.

To respond to B solution requirements, we developed a tailored solution covering the entire motion drive train, and including:

  • BMC 440
  • Active Next Generation (ANG) 
  • BMD permanent magnet synchronous motor 
  • TR precision planetary gearboxes 

BMC 440

BMC 440 controller combines high performance with a compact design. It represents the optimal solution for complex, multi-axis applications characterized by strong necessity of control and is ideal for performing complex movements with accurate synchronization. Its OPC-UA and MQTT functionality ensure local and remote connectivity with full responsiveness to the needs of digital integration for smart manufacturing, including cloud based ones.
With our BMX expansion modules you can customize BMC controllers to suit any automation task.


Active Next Generation (ANG)

Active Next Generation (ANG) is the servo inverter series providing high performance for standard and servo applications. Thanks to its extremely accurate control of speed, position and current, fast Ethernet response time and encoder evaluation always on board this series perfectly matches the requirements of high performance and motion applications, both in open and closed loop. In addition, thanks to the single axis for the control of servo and asynchronous motors, ANG delivers high dynamic response, high performance and application versatility.


BMD permanent magnet synchronous motor

BMD permanent magnet synchronous motor provides highly compact dimensions and low inertia. This series meets the most stringent demands for precision, dynamics and speed and are equipped with the latest encoder technology and are optimized for operation with frequency inverters and precision planetary gearboxes, offering an excellent synergy.


TR precision planetary gearboxes

TR precision planetary gearboxes series offers optimal performance, very low backlash, high overload capacity and easy installation. In addition, the TR series is characterized by great modularity, ensuring high reliability and the most fitting response to different applications requirements.


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