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Bonfiglioli Predictive Maintenance System for Bulk Conveyors

The IoT application for Bulk conveyor monitor the gearbox conditions. This is fundamental in harsh environments where the temperature range is huge, the presence of dust and external contaminants together with the great distances represent an obstacle for maintenance and monitoring.

In this scenario, the IoT system monitor 24/7  the gearbox, transmiting data in long distances, highlighting the oil ageing process, the contamination status and the temperature inside the gearbox.


Bonfiglioli CMS (Condition Monitoring System) is able to provide the users with smart observations and monitoring approach, preventing unexpected and expensive maintenance

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Control units

Integrated or
cable sensors

Real time
data acquisition

  • Oil temperature 
  • Oil contamination
  • Time before next oil change
  • Shocks & loads
  • Vibration 

Edge Computer

AI based algorithms

Dynamic lifecycle

maintenance & 

Performance evalutation

Health device 

Bonfiglioli Dashboard

Our solution


Smart monitoring & maintenance
for your full motion control chain

with Bonfiglioli inverters, motors and gearboxes

Device sensorization & monitoring + Edge & cloud computing + Bonfiglioli dashboards & customized information
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