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IIoT ready  solutions

Today, with more than 60 years of know-how in the automation sector, our constant innovation help us to deliver new and advanced digitalization solutions, ranging from sensor to cloud-based services.

We provide customers with a platform which can deliver information on our products, on their health status highlighting elements that can enforce predictive maintenance, through the deployement of sensors, software and algorithms. Our digital range is based on three main components:

  • Smart product solutions
  • Edge solutions
  • Cloud solutions

Smart Product Solutions


The Z-SENSOR is a high-performing multi-sensory device that transmits data from embedded sensors. It is IP67 and It can be inserted in the flange of a gearbox or can be glued onto the gearbox, depending on the surrounding space. The Z-sensors enables high level analyses at the edge.


The W-SENSOR is a step forward compared to the Z-Sensor. It is expandable to third party sensors and it can be installed on gearboxes and motors.
It is equipped with high-resolution , analog-to-digital inputs and transmit data to the edge in: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n class.
It also has the capability to transmit in BLE v4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and can be powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet). The W-sensor provides the edge with high level computations and analyses


Inverters are “sensing devices” able to measure variables useful for predictive maintenance algorithms Some of our inverters – especially the new AXIA – are able to analyze and implement predictive maintenance on board and expose those information regarding the mechatronic chain to motion controllers or edge computers.

The information generated by AXIA can be sent to the PLC/motion controller via fieldbus (CAN, EtherCAT….) or can be transmitted via a parallel bus to any edge device.

Edge  Solutions


The EDGE COMPUTER represents the second pillar of the Bonfiglioli solutions. The edge can be separated into two main components, high performances hardware and software.

The hardware is sized for enabling predictive maintenance algorithms and AI/ML models and accept data from the entire machine.

The software collects, manages and processes data, applies models and transmits the results to the cloud.


The IIOT EDGE SOFTWARE is designed to analyze data coming from motion controller or PLC and sensor, apply condition monitoring and predictive maintenance models and transmit data to the cloud.
The IoT Edge Software is organized into independent modules, a message broker and several core functions.
There are three main categories of modules:

•Device connector modules
•Processing modules
•Cloud connector modules


Cloud Solutions

Bonfiglioli provides OEM customers with a cloud platform and a series of cloud-related services.

On the Bonfiglioli cloud, customers can update OTA (Over The Air) software, generate backup storage, create a digital twin, and enable the advanced analytics platform for implementing AI or ML based algorithms.

The functional portal is used to set and monitor aggregated variables and set actions on triggers. Our portal allows OEMs to monitor all the connected machines and create a monitoring portal for the machine sold to the end users.

The Portal allows notifications and alarms to be sent by:

  • Email 
  • SMS
  • Mobile app push notification
  • Webhook

Connected  Services


Monitoring & reporting
 checks whether the machine, or parts of it, are used properly.

Connected maintenance

Connected maintenance
 allows customers to predict (and, when possible, anticipate corrective actions) when damages or failures are about to occur

Insight & Advisory

Insights & Advisory
is a consulting service offered to customers to obtain more information from the data collected on product usage.

Integration & interoperability
Using the API portal, this service ensures the integration into the customer system. It offers:
  • Download of aggregated and calculated data to the customer’s information systems
  • Cloud 2 Cloud integration

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Bonfiglioli IIoT Solutions

Bonfiglioli IIoT Solutions

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