Bonfiglioli Continuously Variable Transmissions

Bonfiglioli Continuously Variable Transmissions

ECGenius is a high-power, efficient and cost-effective CVT dedicated to telehandler applications and other equipment. The patented technology used by this product is the result of over 15 years of development and provides unmatched operational ease, engine downsizing opportunities and overall vehicle performance improvements in the 20-30% range.

ECGenius not only offers the best peak efficiency available on the market but it also maintains industry leading e efficiencies regardless of input power.

ECGenius Patented Mechanical Variator  

Torque and Power are transferred seamlessly through 6 actuated rollers, thanks to the elastohydrodynamic lubrication which prevents metal to metal contact while ensuring the correct torque transfer without slippage.  

Patented technology in Europe, United States and Asia

Technical specifications

ECGenius Patented Mechanincal Variator dedicated to telehandlers

Features & benefits  

Increase Uptime

Prevent driver abuse and features advance diagnostic & troubleshooting tools.

High efficienty

Infinite number of ratios improving vehicle performance and engine optimization, and increasing work efficiency.

Smooth & easy drive

Automatic shifting with smooth forward/reverse shuttling, increasing productivity and drive comfort.

Eco-frinedly & cost-effective

Maximize fuel savings versus current technologies, allowing cost savings.

Flexibility & accurate control

Personalized product depending on performance requirements.

Tailored-made solutions

Can Bus CVT Controller compatible with connected sensors and telemetry.


Can Bus CVT Controller compatible with connected sensors and telemetry.

More power to the wheel

by transferring more power from any engine compared to any other type of transmission.

Engine downsizing

Smaller engine with the same wheel power.

Reliability by Experience  
Proven Technology with over 500,000 Cumulative Hours completed in the laboratory and by OEMs in real life applications  
Adaptibility by Control  
The Transmission Control Unit allows seamless communication between the user, the engine and the transmission ensuring maximum efficiency and overall system optimization
Genius by Design  
Torque and power are transferred through 6 actuated rollers with no metal to metal contact

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ECGenius Leaflet

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