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BXN, MXN and MNN are asynchronous low voltage e-motors, developed to be modular, efficient and reliable. The new EVOX e-motor family is highly versatile and easy to adapt to a wide variety of needs: BXN is the answer to increasingly complex tech market demand while complying with the strictest energy efficiency standards. Posing no voltage or positioning limits and boasting easy add-on modular accessories and a great variety of versions and options, the EVOX BXN Series is the perfect partner for your business. The motor is available both stand alone and in a compact coupling with Bonfiglioli Gear Units.


DC Brake
DC brakes

Power range
0.12 – 4 kW

Mounting options

3 Phase Asynchronous


  • Key benefits
    Modular and configurable
    Reliable, perfectly balanced and robust
    Complete solution (gear unit + motor)
    Compliant with the strictest energy efficiency standards
    Global motor (high voltage and frequency flexibility)
    cULus, UKCA and CE certified as standard
    Rotating terminal box
    Every mounting position is possible
    Long life
    Energy efficient
  • Degree of protection
    Standard IP55 for motors without brake
    Standard IP54 on brake motors
  • Conformity
    Efficiency - IEC 60034-30:2008
    Low Voltage Directive - 2006/95/EC
    Electromegnetic Compatibility Directive - 2006/95/EC
  • Power supply & Power range
    The new flexible 9-pin terminal box makes it easy to obtain the right standard voltage by simply changing the plug arrangement and select the right winding:

    Winding 1 - WD1
    115/200/230/400 – 50Hz
    132/230/265/460 – 60 Hz
    Winding 2 - WD2
    200/346/400/690 – 50Hz
    230/400/460 – 60Hz
    Winding 3 - WD3
    110/190/220/380 – 50Hz
    127/220/255/440 – 60Hz
    Winding 4 - WD4
    95/165/190/330 – 50Hz
    110/190/220/380 – 60Hz
    Winding 5 - WD5
    120/208/240/415 – 50Hz
    140/240/280/480 – 60Hz
    Winding 6 - WD6
    208/360/415/720 – 50Hz
    240/415/480 – 60Hz
    Winding 7 - WD7
    147/255/290/500 – 50Hz
    165/290/330/575 – 60Hz
    Winding 8 - WD8
    230/400/460 – 50Hz
    265/460/530 – 60Hz
    Winding 9 – WD9
    220/380/440 – 50Hz
    255/440/510 – 60Hz
    Winding 10 - WD10
    190/330/380/660– 50Hz
    220/380/440– 60Hz
    Winding 11 - WD11
    240/415/480– 50Hz
    280/480/550– 60Hz
    Winding 12 - WD12
    290/500/575– 50Hz
    330/575 – 60Hz
  • Brake options
    Brake type
    Brake supply
    Separate brake supply
    Up to IP55 protection for brake motors
    Manual release hand lever
    Release hand lever position
    AC/DC rectifier type
    Capacitive filter
  • Motor options
    Up to IP56 protection for motors without brake
    Modular encoder, brake and canopy
    Thermal protection (thermistors, sensors, switches)
    Anti-condensation heaters

Types & Powers

    63MA 0.12 kW
    63MB 0.18 kW
    71MA 0.25 kW
    71MB 0.37 kW
    80MA 0.55 kW
    80MB 0.75 kW
    90S 1.1 kW
    90L 1.5 kW
    100LA 2,2 kW
    100LB 3kW
    112M 4 kW


Bonfiglioli Coaxial Asynchronous Gearmotors

Product Range I&A

Evox motors use and maintenance manual
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EVOX platform leaflet
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