New Malpighi La.B headquarters opens its doors in dedication to Clementino Bonfiglioli

New Malpighi La.B headquarters - the Laboratory of Robotics, Computer Science, Design and 3D Design - opens its doors, in dedication to Clementino Bonfiglioli

The building was developed in collaboration with the students, as part of a Malpighi La.B work group, led by architect Professor Lorenzo Raggi.

It is a concrete example of the intention behind the lab: a space for young people who want to cultivate and experiment with ideas in contact with the world of work and research. For the first time in Italy, school students had the opportunity to get involved in the design of a building dedicated to them, participating in every construction phase.

An enthusiastic partner of the initiative is the Bonfiglioli group, which has invested in the project. "This laboratory," says Sonia Bonfiglioli, "fulfills a dream that my father Clementino always had, of passing on the love of technology and actively working with young people, irrespective of the training that they start with. We would always have funded this project, but the opportunity to use the school bonus, recently introduced by the government, encouraged us to move forward and complete the project more quickly." Malpighi La.B will be open to the region- Emilia Romagna, Bologna, Italy, and will draw upon prestigious educational collaborations, most significantly with the University of Bologna, Cineca, the H Farm Digital Academy and the Robotics Network of Turin.

The La.B will accelerate the students learning processes and offer them useful operational tools. The laboratory will be open to all young people who want to develop their technological culture, a barrier-free undertaking in which the school becomes a crossroads between different worlds, with the concepts of "innovation" and "creativity" at the centre.

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