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Shop, Build, and Configure Your Asynchronous Motor

Bonfiglioli low voltage asynchronus e-motors and brake motors, are developed to be modular, efficient and reliable.  The release of the BX/MX motors is a further expression of our regard for the environment. The BX/MX motors fulfill IE3 efficiency class requirements, according to the international standard IEC 60034-30. The “X” of the new BX/MX motors stands for “excellence” in efficiency, with being IE3 the top efficiency rating currently formalized by global standards. Lastly, all motors are inverter duty and generally, 3 brakes options are offered.

Bonfiglioli Motors Boast the Following Features:

  • Modular and configurable

  • Reliable, perfectly balanced and robust

  • Complete solution (gear unit + motor)

  • Compliant with the strictest energy efficiency standards

  • Every mounting position is possible

  • Long life & Energy efficient

Select, Configure, and Order gearmotors according to your application requirements. Download 2D drawings and 3D models, get instant pricing and lead-times, place and manage your order from beginning to delivery right on our new Bonfiglioli eShop!

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BX Series

BX Series

IEC Asynchronous IE3-3 Phase Motors

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