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The FR Series is the best solution when designing large wheeled off-road machinery. With a compact design, high torque and load capacities, a negative multi-disk parking brake and an optional disengagement device to tow the vehicle in an emergency, these solutions precisely match the application requirements.

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Torque Range

Torque range (kNm)
  • FR20
  • FR40
  • FR60
  • Main options

    Mechanical disconnect device
  • Torque range

    20 ... 60 kNm (14,751 … 44,253 ft-lb)
  • Gear ratios

    28 ... 34
  • Input speed

    up to 3,000 rpm

Key features

Compact structure

High performance

3-7 Planetary wheels per stage

Tapered roller bearings

Structural parts in high quality forged steel

Notchless ground tooth root

Different ratios

Integrated disc-brake

High availability by highest teeth and production quality

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Product Range Catalogue- O&K

Product Range Catalogue- O&K

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