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Bonfiglioli Awarded “Excellent Supplier in 2018” by LOVOL Construction Machinery Group

Bonfiglioli Awarded “Excellent Supplier in 2018” by LOVOL Construction Machinery Group

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During the 2018 supplier conference organized by LOVOL Construction Machinery Group in Qingdao (China), Bonfiglioli was awarded “Excellent Supplier in 2018”. Bonfiglioli's representatives - Mr. Deng Biwei, Bonfiglioli Country Manager for China, and Mr. Zhou Yiming, Bonfiglioli Sales Director for construction equipment in China, attended the award ceremony. 

We are the only supplier for LOVOL GROUP's large type excavators and we are proud to have been acknowledged for the work done regarding our high level of service, product supply, technical support, communication and coordination. 

We have been working closely with LOVOL Construction Machinery Group for many years. From design to batch production, especially prototype modification, we have been providing professional and comprehensive solutions centered on customer needs. In the coming months, we will continue to work hand in hand with our customers on other strategic projects such as the development of solutions adapted to small and medium-sized excavators and mining excavators. 

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