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500 Series - Electric solution
This solution is designed for use with medium/large mixer trucks that have medium/long delivery distances to travel. Bonfiglioli's innovative solution comprises a Bonfiglioli 500 Series gearbox coupled to an AC electric motor, providing normal power, and a DC electric motor for emergency use. This product not only guarantees greater energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, but also helps cut cement mixer truck operating costs. Performance is improved too: rotation speed control is more accurate, operating noise levels are significantly lower. Finally, functionality remains higher in the event of a failure: the presence of a second backup DC motor provides reassuring redundancy and eliminates the risks and potentially hazardous situations caused by failures of the drum emptying system.

Focus on

Gearbox coupled with AC electric motor for providing normal drive and DC electric motor for emergency use.


  • Enhanced operational reliability
  • Reduced maintenance cost

Accurate rotation speed control in varying duty conditions.


  • Increased energy efficiency and low fuel consumption.
  • Operating noise levels are significantly lower

Functionality remains high in event of power failure with provision for second backup  DC electric motor for emergency machine operation


  • Second back up DC motors provide reassuring redundancy
  • Eliminates the risk and potentially hazardous situation caused by failures of the drum emptying system.


  • Key benefits

    Increased energy efficiency
    Reduced fuel consumption
    Optimized gear design for maximum efficiency and minimum noise
  • Torque range

    60,000 Nm (531,044 in-lb)
  • Gear ratios

    Main: 1:220
    Emergency: 1:2200
  • Input speed

    Main: 3500 rpm
    Emergency: 2000 rpm
  • Motors

    Main: Induction AC
    Emergency: PM DC motor



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Product Range Catalogue-Electromobility Solutions

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Product Range Catalogue- Mobile

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