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Our Vision

We attract, develop and retain valuable people to make a difference. We empower them to build an effective organization to fulfill their potential. We focus on high performance and business excellence.

We engineer dreams!

Bonfiglioli Development System

The Bonfiglioli development system relies on 4 main pillars: our values, a challenging leadership model, training programs and an annual overall performance review. 


  • Challenge
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Winning together


  • Strategic Leadership
  • Execution
  • Empowerment
  • Innovation



  • Annual
  • Performance
  • Appraisal

Re-Training Center

We have a dedicated re-training center responsible for preparing our people to face tomorrow’s challenges.

  • More than 41,000 hours of training
  • 2,100 people involved
  • 20 hours average training program

Generational Re-Training Program

    To provide an excellent learning process for our top and aspiring managers
    To prepare our managers to lead the organization
    To reinforce a new mindset and facilitate digital transformation
    To align our people to our culture from the beginning
    To give specific tools to our people in order to facilitate their jobs
Sprinter: Under 35
Backbone: 35-50
Wise: over 50

From Digital Re-training to Manufacturing Excellence Academy 4.0

In 2018 we launched the Bonfiglioli Digital Re-training pilot program to approach the digital transformation. The real challenge was to change the mindset, starting from the heart of the company: the factories.

Thanks to Bonfiglioli Digital Re-training, our people had the opportunity to learn skills such as change management, learning agility, and communication 4.0 — and understand better what Industry 4.0, big data, digital twin and related innovations are.

Thanks to the success of the pilot, the Manufacturing Excellence Academy 4.0 was founded. . As part of this project, ad hoc training courses have been built for 23 roles, involving over 400 people and providing 18,000 hours of training in 2019.  Bonfiglioli's people are the core of the training.

They have the opportunity to get involved in three areas that for us represent the winning key to face the digital transformation.

  • The first linked to the learning of technical skills, regarding the new technologies introduced, and to the more cultural aspect, focused on the mindset.
  • The second to the roles of the new organization to accompany people in the changes that the new plant has introduced.
  • The third to the new working method (Bonfiglioli Production System) which supports the functioning of our new plant Evo.

Experience Professionals

Are you a professional and have you gained skills and experience in complex, modern contexts?


We offer you the opportunity to make a tangible contribution to the evolution and growth of the company and to become a point of reference within our organization.

Business Partners


Provide consultancy, specialist skills and process/system knowledge to add value to the business and facilitate implementation of corporate strategy.
The need to work collaboratively with internal colleagues and external customers and suppliers is key to everyone’s role in this family. 
  • Administration Finance & Controlling
  • HR & Organization
  • IT and Digital
  • Strategic Marketing & Communication
  • Corporate Affairs and Internal Audit
  • Property Management 

Typical Knowledge, Skills & Experience:
Master’s degree in economics, law, finance, marketing & communications, management engineering or equivalent level experience and qualifications with a strong passion for the specific area 

Product Development


Manage the whole product development process, from the design to testing and after-sales troubleshooting to develop engineering solutions to required quality standards, cost, delivery and safety. All roles require engineering competence.
  • R&D 
  • Mechatronics & IoT
  • Project Management
  • Quality
  • Customer Application Engineering
  • After-sales

Typical Knowledge, Skills & Experience:
Bachelor’s or master’s degree preferred in scientific subjects where the product research fundamentals combine with higher aspirations and interest in our products

Supply Chain & Purchasing


Manage effectively all inbound parts supply, ensuring that production requirements are met. This means that the right parts, in the right quantity are acquired and delivered at the right time, to the right place and in the most efficient manner.
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Planning & order management
  • Demand planning
  • Materials management
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse data & processes management
  • Transport management

Typical Knowledge, Skills & Experience:
Bachelor’s or master’s degree preferred in economics or management engineering. 



Manage and deliver manufacturing of products and solutions. Provide industrialization and maintenance services and process enhancement in line with Bonfiglioli policy and production strategy and operating procedures.
  • Operation engineering
  • Assembly & testing
  • Maintenance
  • Production
  • Continuous improvement

Typical Knowledge, Skills & Experience:
A degree in mechanical/management or electronic engineering

Sales & Customer Support


Accountable for the measurable delivery of sales volumes and/or revenue targets in the assigned business area, also providing constant support to internal and external customers.  All commercial roles require the appropriate technical knowledge that ensures correct comprehension of account needs.
  • Business development
  • Business strategy
  • Product marketing
  • Pricing

Typical Knowledge, Skills & Experience:
A degree in a relevant commercial subject or engineering. Strong client orientation. 

Young Talents

Are you a young graduate with a desire to learn, want to get involved and seize new challenging opportunities?

We offer you the opportunity to acquire skills through classroom and on-the-job training, working side by side with our best professionals and actively participating in major business projects.

Bonfiglioli Graduate Program

Bonfiglioli’s ambitious Graduate Program is aimed at talented young people with the motivation to develop rapidly as future managers in the Bonfiglioli Group.

The program follows a personal development route that offers a wide range of valuable experience, including the chance to work on strategic projects from the start alongside some of Bonfiglioli’s top managers. It also provides specific management training and opportunities for job rotation and/or periods of work in Bonfiglioli branches outside Italy.

Interested? Check to see if the demands interest you:

  • Travel
  • Moving for job rotation
  • Foreign assignment at one of our branches
  • Fast growth

Candidate selections for this program take place regularly all year. Stay posted at our website.

Career Day

Where can you meet us?

04/06/2019 at Ferrara University in Italy 

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