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BX Heavy Duty Series
Asynchronous IE3 Three Phase Motor
BX Heavy Duty asynchronous motors are manufactured to exceed the requirements of the most demanding industrial applications. Bonfiglioli Heavy Duty Asynchronous motors, indeed, comes with a best in class set of features: cast iron frame, C3 corrosion protection, regreasable bearings, and Shock Pulse Measurement predisposition as standard on all sizes, are only few of the characteristics that makes these motors the most suitable also in the harshest enviroments. Moreover, Heavy Duty BX can be further personalized and adapted to our customers needs thanks to a wide range of available options. Additionaly, independetly by the motor size, all the BX Heavy Duty motors can be equipped with DC brake. Concluding, BX Heavy Duty are available with IEC frame and IE3 Efficiency and are certified to fulfill the Minimum Efficiency Performances, set by most of the worldwide countries.



    BX 200LA | 30
    BX 225SA | 37
    BX 225SB | 45
    BX 250MA | 55
    BX 280SA | 75
    BX 280SB | 90
    BX 315SA | 110
    BX 315SB | 132
    BX 315SC | 160
    BX 315MA| 200
    BX 355MA| 250
    BX 355MB |315
    BX 355MC | 355

    BX 200LAK | 30
    BX 225SAK | 37
    BX 225SBK | 45
    BX 250MAK | 55
    BX 280SAK | 75
    BX 280SBK | 90
    BX 315SAK | 110
    BX 315SBK | 132
    BX 315SCK | 160
    BX 315MAK| 200
    BX 355MAK| 250
    BX 355MBK |315
    BX 355MCK | 355
  • Key benefits

    • Robustness
    • Long lifetime
    • Wide power range
    • Energy saving
    • Compliant to all the MEPS
    • Complete (Gearbox+Motor) Solution
    • Control flexibility
    • Global motor (can be utilized in most of the markets)
  • Degree of protection

    Standard IP55 also for Brakemotors
  • Certifications

  • Conformity

    Efficiency - IEC 60034-30:2008
    Low Voltage Directive - 2006/95/EC
    Electromegnetic Compatibility Directive - 2006/95/EC
  • Power supply & Power range

    Avaiable Voltages as Standard:
    400/690 - 50Hz
    380/660 - 50Hz
    460 - 60Hz
    440/760 - 60Hz
  • Power range

    30 - 355kW
  • Mounting options

    IM B3
    IM B5
    IM B35
  • Motors

    3 Phase Asynchronous
  • Motor options

    • Thermistors and thermostat sensors
    • Independent forced cooling
    • Heavy Duty Encoders
    • Tropicalization
    • Anti-Condensate Heaters
    • Up to IP56 protection

Key features

IE3 Efficiency

Cast Iron Housing

Inverter duty ready

SPM Measurement


Certified motor (DOE, NRCan, CCC...)

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Datasheet BX Series

Datasheet BX Series

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