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EVOLUTION THE START: Laying the First Stone

EVOLUTION THE START: Laying the First Stone

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EVOLUTION THE START: Laying the First Stone

EVOLUTION is a new goal for a significant transformation and growth process that Bonfiglioli has developed over the last 10 years, which lays the foundations for the Group to take a masterful leap into the world of digitalisation and re-organisation of its production and work with an Industry 4.0 way of thinking.

This evolution is currently under way in our prodcution activities, with each individual approaching a method aimed at improving performance, and is the result of a shared company culture with a strong sense of belonging. This concept is at the heart of the work that over the last two years has led to the phasing of the plants in Vignola and Calderara, in preparation for the new plant, which today sees the Laying of the First Stone.

EVO will stand on the Clementino Bonfiglioli site at Calderara di Reno, near Bologna ; an area of 148,700m2, with a pedestrianized area of 58,500m2, and 56,000m2 dedicated to green areas. EVO will welcome the group Business Unit, which is dedicated to industrial power transmissions - where Bonfiglioli first began.

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