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BN Series
Asynchronous IE1 Three Phase motor
BN Series asynchronous motors with aluminum frames are the right solution for a wide range of general purpose industrial applications. Both the IEC and Compact motor are available in IE1 (B/M) IE2 (BE/ME) and IE3 (BX/MX) efficiency classes according to the international standard IEC 60034-30. Furthermore, Bonfiglioli's e-motors can be equipped with several options: protection class up to IP 56, tropicalized, corrosion-resistant paint, and anti-condensation heaters. Moreover, the B/M and BX/MX motor Series are also available in the BrakeMotor version with a selection of AC or DC brakes. To maximize our e-motor flexibility, all of them can be controlled with inverters.


  • Power range

    BN 56A | 0.06
    BN 56B | 0.09
    BN 63A | 0.12
    BN 63B | 0.18
    BN 63C | 0.25
    BN 71A | 0.25
    BN 71B| 0.37
    BN 71C | 0.55
    BN 80A| 0.55
    BN 80B | 0.75
    BN 80C| 1.1
    BN 90S | 1.1
    BN 90LA| 1.5
    BN 90LB | 1.85
    BN 100LA| 2.2
    BN 112M | 3.7
    BN 132S | 5.5
    BN 132MA| 7.5
    BN 132MB | 9.2
    BN 160MR | 11
    BN 160M| 11
    BN 160L | 15
    BN 180M| 18.5
    BN 180L | 22
    BN 200L | 30
  • Key benefits

    Reduced operating cost
    Energy saving
    Compliant with all the MEPS
    Complete solution (gearbox and motor)
    Control flexibility
    Global motor
  • Degree of protection

    Standard IP55
    Standard for brake motors IP54
  • Conformity

    Efficiency - IEC 60034-30:2008
    Low Voltage Directive - 2006/95/EC
    Electromagnetic Compatibility
    Directive - 2006/95/EC
  • Power supply & Power range

    Available voltages include
    @50 Hz
    @60 Hz
  • Power range

  • Mounting options

    IM B3
    IM B5
    IM B14
  • Brake options

    Brake types:
    AC & DC brakes

    Brake-related options:
    Manual release lever
    Soft-start flywheel
    Capacitive filter
    Brake separate power supply
    Brake functionality check (micro-switch)
  • Output

  • Motors

    3 phase asynchronous
  • Motor options

    • Thermistors and thermostat sensors
    • Independent forced cooling
    • Incremental, sin/cos absolute single/multi-turn encoders
    • Tropicalization
    • Anti-condensate heaters
    • Up to IP65 protection

Key features

Up to IE3 efficiency

Compact version

Inverter duty ready

Multiple-speed motors

Certified motor (DOE, NRCan, CCC, etc.)

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