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We are a family-run Italian company with a global presence. Our three business units, Discrete Manufacturing & Process Industries, Motion & Robotics and Mobility & Wind Industries, embody all the expertise and experience needed to support our customers' growth.

With our worldwide network, we can support customers anywhere at any time. 

We design, manufacture and distribute effective, tailored solutions for all types of applications in industrial automation, mobile machinery and wind energy.

Our solutions are based on a wide range of products, including gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters. Bonfiglioli solutions impact all aspects of daily life, from the food we consume, to the roads we drive on, the clothes we wear, and the light that illuminates our homes. Our solutions keep the world in motion.

Bonfiglioli dominates the power transmission market through five distinct brands. These brands allow the company to better serve its customers across the world.

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Mobility & Wind Industries


The Mobility & Wind Industries business unit offers the widest range of final drives available on the market today. Its portfolio includes typical products such as travel, slew, winch and cutter drives customizable for any requirement.


The Mobility & Wind Industries team is the best partner for enabling efficient, smart and resistant solutions dedicated to the most complex applications in the construction, wind, logistics, agriculture and marine & offshore sectors. For over 30 years, the business unit has been working alongside the most important OEMs in the world.

Through a thorough line of specific products, the business unit also offers both hybrid transmissions and electric drives for electric machines, complete with power electronics and system integration.


  • Global leader in the wind & construction sectors
  • Factories and R&D center from Brazil to China

Discrete Manufacturing & Process Industries


The Discrete Manufacturing & Process Industries business unit offers gearboxes, geared motors and electric motors for any industrial applications. From fractional power to a few hundred Kw, our experts are able to address the most sophisticated requests for applications working in all conditions.


Thanks to over 60 years of experience by our customers’side, today we are able to anticipate their needs in more than twenty different industries, focusing on industrial processes and discrete manufacturing machineries such as packaging, food & beverage, mining, logistics and intralogistics.


  • Over 1.5 million products made per year
  • A worldwide network – branches and distributors

Motion & Robotics


With complete solutions dedicated to industrial processes and automation, the Motion & Robotics business unit guarantees the improvement of its customers’profitability by offering integrated systems comprising precision planetary gearboxes, servomotors, open and closed loop inverters, servo inverters, motion controllers and regenerative inverters. 


Our experts shape solutions to supply the highest possible level of precision, efficiency and energy optimization for more than twenty industrial sectors such as material working, logistics, intralogistics, robotics, packaging and textile.


  • One center of excellence in Rovereto, Italy focuses on IOT compatible systems, innovative electric motors and high precision geared motors
  • One center of excellence in Krefeld, Germany focuses on advanced power electronic drives such as inverters and servo drives

Product Brands


Bonfiglioli Riduttori

The Bonfiglioli Riduttori product range offers gearmotors and power transmission components for integration into applications of all kinds and dimensions. To complete the range, Bonfiglioli also offers high-efficiency DC and AC electric motors and motor-gearbox combinations.

Bonfiglioli Trasmital

The Bonfiglioli Trasmital specializes in the production of planetary gearboxes for mobile machines, from excavators to road construction machinery, and also produces gearboxes for wind turbines. The brand portfolio also includes electric products meeting today's and tomorrow's applications’ requirements.

Bonfiglioli Vectron

The Bonfiglioli Vectron product range offers a wide range of electronic products and solutions for electrical power control and conversion, including frequency converters and servomotors.


The Tecnoingranaggi product range is dedicated to the production of high precision, low backlash planetary gear units.

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