BMS Series

Using an integrated solution, rather than a traditional gearhead/motor combination, the BMS series offers revolutionary space-saving machine design, a wider range of options and a higher performance due to the synergies between permanent magnets, synchronous motors and precision planetary gearboxes technologies. With very reliable tested features, the customer has the flexibility to select three types of performance with an excellent combination variants low overspeed, medium overspeed and high overspeed. All these variants have been designed to optimize the output needed with the benefits of supreme compactness, highest torque / input speed and optimization of drive size. These excellent benefits are achieved using 5 gearboxes sizes and 14 motors in combination with 3 types of Yarn Winding machines. Excellence and reliability allow continuous duty to run your application safely.


Torque range
177 ... 10,620 lb-in

Temperature sensor
KTY 84-130

Torque range
45 ... 1,200 Nm

Degree of protection


Brake options
Holding brake (optional)
24 Vdc

Life lubricated
Optionally food grade oil

Continuous duty
Cyclic operation


  • Main options
    Additional flywheel (optional)
    0. 5 ... 70 (Kgm2 x 10-4)
  • Feedback
    • Resolver 2-pole resolver 8kHz & 10 kHz
    • Optical encoder EnDat single & multi-turn
    • Optical encoder Hiperface single & multi-turn
    • Capacitive encoder Hiperface single & multi-turn
  • Motors
    14 motors with 3 types of Yarn Winding machines
    3000 rpm; 4500; 6000 rpm
    065A; 065B; 082B; 082C; 102A; 102B; 102C; 118A; 118B; 118C; 145B; 145C; 170B; 170C

Types & Powers



Product Catalogue – Precision Planetary Inline-BMS

Product Leaflet – Precision Planetary Inline-BMS

Product Range Catalogue- Mechatronic Drives & Solutions

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