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LCK precision planetary right-angle gearboxes represent a flexible, reliable and cost-effective solution for machines that require a very compact layout. The output design in line with market standards ensures great compatibility for easy retrofits and a high level of freedom in projects development.


Torque Range

Nominal torque (Nm)
  • LCK 050
  • LCK 070
  • LCK 070 P
  • LCK 090
  • LCK 090 P
  • LCK 120
  • LCK 120 P
  • LCK 155
  • Sizes

    050, 070, 070P, 090, 090P, 120, 120P, 155, 155P
  • Gear ratios

    • 2 stage: 6 ... 20
    • 3 stages: 24 ... 100
  • Max radial force

    500 ... 6,000 N
  • Degree of protection

  • Input speed

    Up to 5,000 min-1
  • Torsional backlash

    • 2 stages: less than 6 arcmin
    • 3 stages: less than 8 arcmin
  • Torsional stiffness

    0.9 ... 47.9 Nm/arcmin
  • Lubrication

    Standard; Food grade
  • Output

    Smooth keyless shaft; keyed shaft
  • Input

    Motor adapter; Without motor adapter

Key features

Cost effective yet powerful

High compatibility for easy retrofits

Right-angle design for space-saving layouts

Designed for continuous duty and intermittence duty

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Product Range Catalogue- Mechatronic Drives & Solutions

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