S2U IP66

The compact S2U IP66 plug & play inverter for single-phased 230-volt networks and three-phase 400-volt networks comes in three sizes with motor power ranging from 0.4 kW to 18.5 kW. The new S2U IP66 inverter series is particularly suited to harsh environment applications. The heat sink is specially designed for extreme environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, and cleaning chemicals.


Degree of protection
IP66 (EN 60529)

Rated speed
0 ... 599 Hz



Mounting options
Cabinet or field mounting for all sizes

Asynchronous AC motors


  • Main options
    • Optional accessories like brake
    resistor, mains chokes, mains filters
    • Optional Connection set for connection to PC
  • Power supply & Power range
    • S2U230T-..(F) IP66: 0.4 - 2.2 kW /single-phase 200 - 240V (+10%- 15%) / 50 or 60 Hz
    • S2U400T-..F IP66: 0.75 - 18.5 kW/ three-phase 380 - 480V (+10%- 15%) / 50 or 60 Hz
  • Hardware features
    • 5-digit display
    • Brake resistor terminals
    • Reference potentiometer
    • 1 analog input (V or I selectable)
    • 6 digital inputs (programmable multifunction)
    • 1 digital output (programmable)
    • 1 analog output (voltage linear)
    • 2 relay outputs (programmable multifunction)
    • 1 RJ45 terminal for communication with PC or Modbus network
  • Motor options
    Motor Control(open loop):
    • Asynchronous AC motors

Types & Powers

  • Types & powers (S2U230S)
    Type Power (kW)
    S2U230S-03 F IP66 (1) 0.40
    S2U230S-07 F IP66 (1) 0.75
    S2U230S-11 F IP66 (2) 1.50
    S2U230S-13 F IP66 (2) 2.20
  • Types & powers (S2U400T)
    Type Power (kW)
    S2U400T-07 F IP66 (1) 0.75
    S2U400T-11 F IP66 (1) 1.50
    S2U400T-13 F IP66 (2) 2.20
    S2U400T-18 F IP66 (2) 3.70
    S2U400T-19 F IP66 (3) 5.50
    S2U400T-21 F IP66 (3) 7.50
    S2U400T-23 F IP66 (3) 11.00
  • Types & powers (S2U400T)
    Type Power (kW)
    S2U400T-25 IP66 (3) 15.00
    S2U400T-27 IP66 (3) 18.50


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