SPECIFIC PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS FOR BIOGAS ENERGY. Biogas is an environmentally-friendly, renewable energy source. It is produced when organic matter, such as food or animal waste, is broken down by microorganisms in the absence of oxygen, in a process called anaerobic digestion. Biogas can occur naturally or as part of an industrial process to intentionally create it as fuel. The biogas is then used as a fuel to partially or definitively replace fossil-derived fuel. Bonfiglioli has designed optimized solutions specific to this kind of installation, which has very stringent requirements in terms of reliability and quality of the components at the heart of transport for biogas production. Specifically, Bonfiglioli supplies complete solutions for transporting the biomass agitation/heating blades and equipment for biogas production plants, with its complete range of drives and accessories for the transmission of the power required for the operation of the installations.