Sampingranaggi becomes part of Bonfiglioli Group

With this acquisition, Bonfiglioli S.p.A. will further verticalize its production both in Italy and China, expanding its Robotic application market thanks to extremely high precision and efficiency Gear Units development .

A perfect synergy between Sampingranaggi's know-how and the Group's design and production strategies

This acquisition has a special meaning for us: this was the first company where in 1948 Clementino Bonfiglioli, our founder, practiced and learned the profession. 

Our Chairwoman Sonia Bonfiglioli commented: “I like to think that, if Sampingranaggi had not already been there in the post-war period, today Bonfiglioli would not exist. [...] So beyond this “sentimental” reunion, which makes me very happy, and the full complementarity of Sampingranaggi and Bonfiglioli products, my first thought, however, goes to the women and men of this company who now become an important part of Bonfiglioli.

Many times we could have bought plants to produce bevel gears (that are the heart of gearboxes), but without the human hand, machines are merely stationary atoms. Their skills, knowledge and experience are the great heritage of Sampingranaggi, and today become part of the great Bonfiglioli family. My warmest welcome goes to them.

For Bonfiglioli, SAMP represents  a great opportunity,” underlined Fausto Carboni, CEO of the Group, “in many aspects. From an industrial point of view, it offers us the possibility to integrate some strategic component productions, including bevel gears, while in terms of business development it allows us to enter the robotic gearbox market, where there is ample room for growth in future, both in Italy and in China through their local company, which that is part of the acquisition.

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