Bonfiglioli distribution network

How Bonfiglioli has been able to manage the complexity of such widespread distribution?

A case study published by the "Sei sigma" Italian Academy

The paper emphasizes the increasing level of attention to the entire value chain in today's market. In particular, the presence of capillary partners is one of the factors increasing the added value of the products that lead to numerous advantages by allowing a personalized offer to customers worldwide, both from a commercial point of view and related services. The needs of customers have increased over the years. They are increasingly attentive to the quality of products and related services and the guarantee of their performance. On the other hand, the presence of a complex and capillary distribution network involves a series of obvious organizational and managerial problems, including quality assurance as a garrison and compliance with the Lead Company's standards. Such complexity must be managed. In this paper, it is described how the distribution network of a modern multinational manufacturing company as Bonfiglioli has been the subject of a significant improvement intervention by creating a dedicated Normative Technical Standard and developing a Service Certification for dealers using an independent third party's support. 

Industrial distribution has always been a key pillar of Bonfiglioli’s business model and a vital corporate asset to better serve our customers all over the world. Thanks to a dedicated distribution policy, Bonfiglioli provides technical, commercial and strategic support to its partners, setting the conditions for a long-lasting relationship and giving them all the necessary tools to provide highly qualified service to local customers.   
In 2019, Bonfiglioli decided to move a step forward alongside its distributors with a unique worldwide certification. The certification is delivered by the TÜV Italia, and guarantees the same high level of service everywhere in the world to all Bonfiglioli customers when they are visiting a BEST-certified distributor. The products and services they are supplying perfectly match Bonfiglioli's quality, security, and ethical requirements. Auditing - carried out by the TÜV Italia - is based on measurable and repeatable indicators that allow an accurate evaluation of the competence and quality of each candidate.  

Our distributors are able to assemble a wide range of products, to meet their customers’ requirements in a very short time. From startup support to logistic and operational support, dedicated training, commercial insight and after-sales assistance, our BEST take care of their clients' success on a daily basis.