Bonfiglioli presents its new Mechatronic Drives Solutions at the SPS IC Drives in Nuremberg

During the press conference hold today at the SPS IC Drives in Germany, Bonfiglioli presented its latest product iBMD, an integrated drive with a broad torque range from 2.7 to 36 Newton meters. It has all the features of a highly dynamic servo motor as well as those of a modern drive controller.

The iBMD can be used as a stand-alone drive or as part of a control system. Motion control functions such as positioning, cam profile, electronic gears and an interpolated mode are just as intrinsic as the open communication via CANopen and EtherCAT (CoE). Additional features include a broad range of digital and analog inputs and outputs. Integrated in a casing, it significantly reduces space requirements in the control cabinet and saves cabling costs. Moreover, the drive can also be combined with the precision planetary gears by Bonfiglioli.

The functional features of the drive in combination with the highly compact design are especially useful for packaging, printing and labelling, as well as for the automation of handling tasks. The dynamic and highly precise drives are also very popular for filling systems and electronical production machines.

The systematic development in the field of mechatronic drives solutions is producing cutting-edge results, exemplified by the iBMD drive.

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