Bonfiglioli 711C 2 B Series: New coaxial planetary drive for winches applications

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the 711C 2 B new coaxial planetary drive, which provides an output torque of up to 25.000 Nm, allows a perfect fitting inside the winch drum.

This design is a lighter and more cost-effective solution compared to the standard one. The 711C 2 B oil seals, gears profile and bearings are robust and produce less vibration, thus offering a durable and reliable solution. The gearbox flange design facilitates the assembly, can sustain harsh environments with ambient temperature from -25 up to 50 and simplifies maintenance, thanks to its lifetime lubrication, which requires no oil changes. External oil cooling ports are available, to operate even at high ambient temperature. In this case, the gearbox can be provided with gear oil temperature sensor set-up, allowing a better monitoring of the gear oil temperature. Last but not least, the drive is directly connected to the electric motor (3 600 rpm) and its design makes it perfectly quiet.

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