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EDS-H Series
Integrated electric powertrains for hydraulic pump control
In its basic configuration, EDS-H is composed by a permanent magnet motor and inverter. The optional components that can be added to the system are the DCDC converter and the telematics box. To make EDS-H series more flexible and give the customer the option to adapt the e-powertrain to specific applications, a powertrain control unit can be added to the traditional configuration. The e-powertrains be supplied as a complete system (all-in one) or as a separate components.


Torque Range

  • EDS-H
  • 70
  • 90
  • 120
  • Key benefits

    Easier installation
    Reduced time-to-market
    Reduced EV knowledge and vehicle modifications
    85% less weight and 82% less volume compared to traditional combustion engines
    Power density:
    - Size 70kW 1,4 kW/kg
    - Size 90kW 1,2 kW/kg
    - Size 120kW 1,6 kW/kg
  • Main options

    EDS-H: DCDC converter, powertrain control unit, telematics box
  • Temperature sensor

    Both in motor and controller
  • Sizes

  • Gear ratios

    - Size 70kW i.3,1
    - Size 90kW i.3,1
    - Size 120kW i.3,1
  • Degree of protection

  • Rated speed

    - Size 70kW at 1306 rpm
    - Size 90kW at 1613 rpm
    - Size 120kW 1613 rpm
  • Power supply & Power range

    220Vdc- 450Vdc
  • Hardware features

    Hardware controller features:
    up to 70kW
    Rated input voltage (V): 336 Vdc
    Peak Current (Arms): 250@336VDC
    Rated Current (Arms):130@336VDC

    up to 120kW
    Rated Input Voltage (V): 360 Vdc
    Peak Current (Arms): 460@360VDC
    Rated Current (Arms): 200@360VDC
  • Software features

    Inverter used as Slave:
    VCU collects information about the status of the different devices onboard (brake, throttle, gearshift, safety devices, batteries..), handles data, faults and alerts, and sends messages to the Inverter that manages the powertrain system, according to the inputs received and based on its internal management logics.
    The inverter provides also feedbacks to the VCU (motor speed, motor torque, motor current, temperature, inverter status, DCDC).

    Inverter used as Master with Basic Control Strategy:
    The inverter collects information about the status of the different devices onboard, except batteries, charging devices and other specific vehicle functions, such as air conditioning, safety devices etc.
    It handles data, faults and alerts and sends messages to the dashboard.

    The inverter processes the data that the telematics box allows to store in the Cloud
  • Power range

    30kW rated, 70kW peak
    50kW rated, 90kW peak
    60kW rated, 120kW peak
  • Transmission ratio

    - Size 70kW i.3,1
    - Size 90kW i.3,1
    - Size 120kW i.3,1
  • Transmissible Mechanical Power

    up to 70kW
    up to 90kW
    up to 120kW
  • Out put speed

    - Size 70kW 3870 rpm
    - Size 90kW 3870 rpm
    - Size 120kW 3870 rpm
  • Motors

    Internal permanent magnet motor (IPM)

Key features


High power density


High efficiency

Available with inverter in Slave configuration, with torque and speed control functions

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