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Bonfiglioli's Solutions For Chemical Processes 

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (ANFD) & Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer (RVPD)

Established in 1974, BEW Engineering is a leading manufacturer of Chemical & Pharmaceutical plants and process equipments. The company specialises in design and manufacture of dryer equipment: Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (ANFD), Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer (RVPD), Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer (RCVD), Rotary Airlock among others. Bonfiglioli has been working closely with the customer to design customised solutions for ANFD and RVPD equipment that increased efficiency and cost savings while ensuring faster delivery.

- Increase in efficiency by 10%-15%
- 100% indigenous, made in India solutions
- Highly customizable increase in cost savings

3/H Series Combined Planetary/Helical Bevel Heavy Duty Gear Units

The Bonfiglioli 3/H Series combines the high torque density of planetary gear units with the robustness and high-speed operation of the helical bevel heavy-duty gearbox. This configuration can deliver optimally to the demanding power transmission requirement balancing the thermal requirements and providing an optimal torque to weight ratio. The 3/H Series can be customised with several options like hydraulic couplings, cooling circuits that can be adapted to customers' needs.


HDP Series Helical Parallel Shaft Heavy Duty Gear Units

With the need of a robust gearbox with high output torque, that is reliable and delivers extended service life, Bonfiglioli's HDx Series represent the best solution for our customer’s needs. Thanks to the superior quality materials used and an optimized design, HD Series can operate in the harshest environment. The HDx gearbox meet the ATEX requirements that permit them to be chosen for critical applications. The output shaft can be chosen both in the parallel (HDP) or right angle (HDO) configuration and to always ensure the minimization of mounting space. HDx Series,
furthermore, can be deeply customized thanks to an extremely wide options and accessories portfolio, thus matching most of the requirements of a large applications number.


Compact, efficient and highly customizable drive solutions

Mr. Rohan Lade
Managing Director,
BEW Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

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BEW Engineering team is constantly striving to develop world-class equipment’s for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, that are highly efficient. BEW’s current designs of gearbox (Standard Parallel Helical Gear Units) had limitations from the overall weight and higher maintenance.
Machine reliability is the key to the Chemical and Pharma industry. Bonfiglioli understood our need and suggested a compact and highly-efficient solution for our dryer equipment. Their customised gearboxes helped us reduce mounting space and overall weight of the equipment. Result? Cost savings and faster delivery for us and peace of mind for our customers.

Compact, efficient and customizable combined Planetary/Helical Bevel Heavy-Duty Gear Units

Bonfiglioli’s Customer Application Engineering (CAE) and R&D team studied BEW’s current application and worked towards providing a customised solution for the RVPD and ANFD equipment to improve the process efficiency and output.

Bonfiglioli chose its 3/H Series Combined Planetary/Helical Bevel Heavy Duty Gear Units for this application. The gearboxes helped reduced the mounting space and overall equipment weight due to its compact design which in turn resulted in an increased in cost saving. The 3/H series also helped improve the overall efficiency. We could offer shorter delivery times as compared to competition. For the ANFD equipment, Bonfiglioli designed a 100% indigenously manufactured customised gearbox with a compact mounting flange that reduced the height of the geared motor. The combination of BBL motor, with synthetic food-grade oil and 12.5 HP with a special output shaft ensures higher efficiency and increase in production output. Bonfiglioli’s compact design solution permits, transfer of high torque and power required for all heavy-duty applications, easy base plate integration and high degree of customisation specific to the customer’s ANFD and RVPD equipment.

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