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Quality, health and safety at work, plus environmental protection and effective energy management, are fundamental for us at Bonfiglioli. This in compliance with our Group’s key principles and values, with particular reference to the key issues of social, environmental and energy sustainability. This is why our team is constantly committed to improving these aspects throughout our entire value chain, from the design, choice and purchase process concerning materials and suppliers, to the management of end-of-life phases and the creation of sustainable workplaces, respecting all the players involved in the production chain.

Bonfiglioli management systems are certified ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 50001: 2018 e ISO 45001: 2018, while our products are covered by 7 international certifications. Responsibility, excellence and continuous improvement are the basic elements that make us the favored partner of our clients and suppliers.


Bonfiglioli is committed to achieving the highest ethical and quality standards. These standards are documented in the Bonfiglioli Quality Management System.

Our products are intended to generate value for our customers. We are committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying effective products and services that set a benchmark for quality in the industry.

Based on defined procedures and instructions, the Bonfiglioli Quality Management System has been established not only to ensure the ongoing quality of our products and processes, but also to guarantee continuous improvement.

Bonfiglioli has also implemented a Quality Policy which sets customer focus as a primary goal. The Quality Policy is used to set and deploy goals and objectives at every level of the organization. The fulfilment of these objectives is measured on a regular basis with appropriate performance indicators.

Health & Safety: Sustainability starts with safety

Prevention of accidents and incidents is a key element of our company’s sustainable strategy and an integral part of each one of our business processes. The successful management of risks is essential for protecting our employees and assets and thereby contribute therefore strengthening. 

Environment: Respect the present to build the future

At Bonfiglioli, we believe that respect for the present and the adoption of environmental protection policies are essential if we are to enjoy a better future.

Our company is committed to carrying out its activities responsibly, respecting and applying current environmental legislation and continuously implementing all measures necessary to prevent pollution and protect our natural resources. By developing products that sustain innovative ways of producing energy and working, we help our customers to contribute to a more sustainable world.

This philosophy is applied in everything we do, in compliance with the strictest international quality and sustainability standards.


In 2019, Bonfiglioli decided to move a step forward alongside its 65 BEST distributors with a unique worldwide certification.   

The certification is delivered by the TÜV Italia, and guarantees the same high level of service everywhere in the world to all Bonfiglioli customers, when they are visiting a BEST-certified distributor. The products and services they are supplying perfectly match Bonfiglioli's quality, environment, security and ethical requirements. 

Auditing - carried out by the TÜV Italia - is based on measurable and repeatable indicators that allow an accurate evaluation of the competence and quality of each candidate.  

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