No duty is too tough: solutions for Mining

A wide range of reliable, effective solutions for tough environments

Bonfiglioli operates in electro-mechanical power transmissions and electronic power control, and more specifically in gearboxes, gearmotors and AC drives serving a very wide spectrum of applications and sectors in stationary and mobile machinery - including the mining industry.


We have been active in the mining industry since the very beginning, and thanks to various product developments and geographical expansions we’ve built a solid reputation in this sector. We now offer the largest range of planetary, parallel shaft helical and bevel helical drives to meet any customer need in this tough, demanding sector.


Our product range and its proven reliability are only the starting point of a profitable relationship with our customers, starting with a deep study of the application, working out customized solutions and finally offering full product lifetime services to keep the plant productivity the highest possible.

Our offer for the mining sector

Mines are, by nature, very tough environments, usually located in the harshest regions of the world, with sometimes extreme temperatures (hot summers in South America can easily reach 45°C, and the cold Siberian winters -30°C). Add to that a dusty environment, the sandstorms of the Middle East or the salty air of plants close to the sea. All this, besides the conditions under which the machine is used, must be taken into account at the design stage.


This is why we have developed a dedicated product series for the heavy duty and mining sector. More specifically, we develop solutions

  • For the entire crushing process, such as crushers and apron feeders
  • Sedimentation, such as thickeners and flotation cells
  • Belt filter and spiral classifier
  • Material handling systems, such as conveyors, car dumpers or stacker reclaimers.
  • Earth moving applications 
Our products for mining industry
Working together with our partners

We work very closely with the OEM to jointly design the most suitable solutions for our customers. Bonfiglioli looks very carefully at the after sales, granting the best possible support on service and spare parts, helping customers in reducing the down time of the machine and increasing the profitability for the operating companies


Thanks to our worldwide network of branches, distributors and service companies we are able to support our customers all around the world with our technical support. Plus, local assembly allows us to give continuity to the end user maintenance activities by providing spare parts and service in a very short time.  


We really have a comprehensive approach to the mining sector: we have Key Accounting Teams that deal directly with Multinational Mining OEMs. Our Local teams of application and service engineers are then capable of follow-up, offering 24/7 service to all of them, or directly to the mining site when required.


Bonfiglioli’s Vision for the mining future

According to the World Economic Forum, 79% of mining companies are accelerating the digitalization and adoption of digital tools and processes. Main drivers are certainly:

  • Life extension of plants and machineries;
  • Optimization of productivity. 

For a few years, we have developed IIOT solutions with the clear target to extend the lifetime of gear units and to reduce downtime to the very minimum.


Our sensorized units produce many interesting and useful data which, also thanks to the Bonfiglioli algorithm, produce paramount pieces of information for the Mining companies like:

  • Optimised maintenance intervals
  • Residual lifetime monitoring
  • Health status of the gear units
  • More conventional data like oil levels, speed, temperature…

It means having full control of a critical component like the gear units and managing risks of production losses and O&M costs at best possible.