Bonfiglioli wheel-traction drives improve precision and efficiency in Huddig revolutionary Tigon Technology backhoe loaders.

Bonfiglioli has designed and developed a dedicated solution to the new full hybrid technology machine created and manufactured by Huddig, a leading backhoe loader manufacturer in Sweden.

Bonfiglioli, leader in the manufacturing of gearboxes, gearmotors and drive systems, has announced the development of wheel-traction drives of the 600 series specifically designed for Tigon Technology backhoe loaders manufactured by Huddig. Each of the special 4-wheel traction drives is capable of reaching an output torque of 40.000 Nm, and is driven by a liquid cooled 30kW electric motor. The independent control of each wheel gives the opportunity for the backhoe loaders to be driven better on slippery surfaces. The Bonfiglioli 610 drives also increase the precision of the machine, making the maneuverability easier in tight spaces like, for example, in building sites located at city centers.

Following Huddig requirements, the 4 drives are perfectly quiet. Tigon Technology by Huddig is a hybrid technology that combines diesel & electric power allowing energy generation and regeneration in a way that has never been done before for construction machinery: the concept machine achieves significantly lower fuel consumption than a traditional backhoe loader. The new Huddig hybrid backhoe loader, based on this technology and equipped with Bonfiglioli 4-wheel traction drives, is more precise and more efficient without producing emissions and makes the difference compared to other types of construction equipment.

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