Bonfiglioli, in collaboration with the EPTDA European power Distribution Association, hosted the first EPTDA Regional Conference in Italy.

The meeting, which has been a great success, was intended to illustrate the benefits of the association, through the credible testimony of a Manufacturer and a Distributor, to a qualified number of potential Italian companies, using the local language, in contrast to general international convention.

The first EPTDA Regional Meeting was then held at the Bonfiglioli headquarters of Calderara di Reno, and was attended by more than 40 leading Italian companies that deal with distribution of industrial products. Many of these have approached the association for the first time. The EPTDA is the leading association in the industrial distribution channel in the EMEA market, bringing together over 250 companies in more than 30 countries, representing over 26 billion Euros in annual sales and more than 250,000 employees in the sector. Throughout the conference, Roberto Cugnaschi Deputy General Director of Mondial and past President EPTDA, explained the association's strengths, which connects Distributors and Manufacturers to improve the business, relying on the many values that EPTDA is able to transfer to its members.

Bonfiglioli has been a member of EPTDA since 2007 and since the beginning has always considered industrial distribution as an important corporate asset, to the point of creating a policy dedicated to the growth of the industry, developing high level partnership with qualified distributors around the world. Carlo Rondelli, Distribution Sales Manager of Bonfiglioli, who plays in the position of the EPTDA Manufacturer Council & Convention Chair, strongly highlighted the value and the perceived benefits of networking in the effects generated by the various activities promoted by the association.

The high-level Sales & Marketing workshops that followed, held by Mauro Franceschini, Fortia's President, said that internationalization is changing the operating methods and approach to business, even in a conservative country like Italy. All the guests have also had the unique opportunity to visit one of Bonfiglioli's production facilities, where production managers have shown the manufacturing processes of the products, getting a first-hand look at the high quality that is achieved and the attention that goes into Bonfiglioli products.